Leaving a Dream- Building An Investment Portfolio

Now that the Cedi is chasing the dollar


I am challenged to be a successful Investor, I really desire this but currently getting tired of only desiring and dreaming. Now I want to walk in the dreamland by achieving every bit of this dream..

I have decided to divide this ultimate dream into action steps and plans to be achieved and this blog is to serve as a guidance and as well track my progress.

I will share the background and progress each step of the way to this dream.


And I certainly believe with faith, persistence and discipline this will be achieved.

Goals:- Profession- Chartered Management Accountant with Investment as my Specialty.

Focus- Investments will primarily be focused on Africa, Starting with Ghana



1.Read as much on Investments as I can

2. Find a Mentor

3. Start a saving plan

4. Alternate Sources of Income

5. Minimize cost

6. Build an Investment Portfolio

7. Measure success and re strategize.

8. Let’s Do it NOW!

Avoir de l’espoir




2 thoughts on “Leaving a Dream- Building An Investment Portfolio

  1. wow!!! a ff with class…lol. Have not read all your articles but i like the ones have read so far n think they are good esp the one on black people not liking reading n the one on living the dream. Congrats, really proud of you kobby. Expecting more interesting articles

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