My First Professional MC experience


MC - Jerry's book launch
MC – Jerry’s book launch

Hey Guys!

I was nervous about this post, one thing I get nervous about is being too sincere. But I realized in order to get sincere comments from my friends and loved ones that’s the way to go, one has to be simply forthcoming with the truth no matter how embarrassing it may be.

On the 6th December I was booked for a book launch for my friend, Jeremiah Buabeng “the youngest Ghanaian motivational speaker”, and I will very much love to share my experience on my first day as MC with renowned guests like Bernard Avle of Citi fm, Kafui Dey of who wants to be rich fame and the gentle giant Albert Ocran.

My advice from the occasion.

Always get to the venue an hour earlier or even more.

Be part of the ushers in welcoming the guest to familiarize yourself with the mindset of guest.

Request for the program line up a week earlier and suggest some changes to your client in case they have less options

Have a 30 minute sound check

Be very observant for any special guest seated that requires recognition

It is always better to keep things simple and time conscious

And remember always be a step ahead, this minimizes mistakes.

Kindly let me know whether this helped