Hipsters of nature is a locally grown organization in Ghana that  focuses on using creative ways to improve communication and education in environmental issues such as climate change, waste management and environment sustainability.



The theme for this year’s World Environment Day (WED) is: ”Seven Billion dreams. One planet. Consume with care”. To mark this day, Hipsters of Nature organized a campaign on waste segregation for school children. The aim of the campaign is to promote Recycling, Reusing and Reducing among young people.

10 Junior High schools in the Accra Metropolis were provided with waste containers for segregation of various types of waste such as paper, plastic, and organic waste.  A competition was organized among the participating schools to design the waste containers for segregation and write a poem on the World Environment Day theme.


Workshops were organized for the pupils on how they can make their own shopping bags from old t-shirts, hanging gardens from plastic bottles and avoid excessive plastic packaging by sending their own shopping bags to the market.


The schools were invited to Afia Beach Hotel on 5th June, 2015 to present their project and recite their poems. German Swiss International School won the best creative school and Mrs. Adu Sam school won the best poem.

The Deputy Director of Built Environment from the Environmental protection Agency, Mrs. Cindy Baidoo was present at the event. She commended the programme and called on all Ghanaians to join in the waste segregation programme.




The programme was made possible by the following sponsors: Price Water House Coopers, Afia Beach Hotel, Qualiplast Limited, 4 Fair Life, Yellow for water, AFC Consultants International and Curious Minds.


As a writer and art enthusiast- This is what I feel within when I see Beatrice and her team at work- RENEWING OUR ENVIRONMENT THROUGH ART ONE LOCALITY AT A TIME.

Kwabena Boafo.


A letter to the Ones I once I loved.

 Today I break the silence
I create a path for the river of lessons
Flowing like blood through arteries
Burst open the veins
And recapture lost memories
Time passed, no regrets but lovely gains

Those times, Late night walks
Building memories in the sky
Like visions we believed
Our lives our hopes we retrieved
You owned me, we were we
Eyes popped but who cared
As far as we were we


Now was the past
Now was the future
As far as you were there
Now was forever

Will I ever see them again
Those moments those floating words
Will we ever share them again
Now its all gone
No it is not really gone
The last time I saw you
I saw those moments in your eyes
I saw those times in the air
Then I knew time lost can never be regained
But memories gained can never be lost.

This letter is an out cry
A soliloquy
Whatever you call it
It isn’t poetry
It’s a moment of outburst
A sudden twist of events
Inspired by history filled with passion
Will we make those mistakes again
The mistakes we will live to cherish

Now I know one thing
It isn’t you but me without you
Or us without we
But once we were we
Now we are us
Can there be a journey to the past
If yes I will not go
But stay in the now so I could
Yes I won’t even go
Because you are here with me
In these words, this letter
You live on in me


Replay this letter in these words
You are here with me because
You won’t even go, yes
You won’t even go
But I could stay in the now
Yes I will

Continue to the final drop

Tried on the funk as hip hop

Now I am in a fix

Will this happen again

The abrupt end of the fairy tale

So slow like a snail

My mouth my thoughts

In a sudden mix

This dangerous adventure I once went

All my energies and thoughts spent

Was it worth the time

Will I ever make sense or even rhyme

Now is the time

To raise this love from the dead

This love I once felt

On a lonely and an uncomfortable bed


Sorry just like the last but once sentence

That’s how It all ended.


Hipsters of Nature- Asaase mu y3 du

First of all Asaase mu y3 du is an Adinkra symbol meaning let us treasure Mother Nature.

Asaase mu y3 du

On the 9th May 2015, when the world was preparing to celebrate Mothers and Women in general.

I found myself at Smoothys bar with a bunch of nature enthusiast.

What better way to celebrate Mother’s day than to spend  time with hipsters of nature raising awareness for preservation of mother nature.

First of all, it was a nice experience meeting Freddy from Milton Keynes  which according to him is the next London of UK, booming with so many opportunities.

We shared some few tips about living a healthy and sustainable life for the future.

Now back to hipsters of nature, from what I have gathered, They are an Awareness group advocating for the preservation of nature involving plastic recycling campaigns, beach clean up exercises and many others.

The emcee for the night and my very own friend Jessica Meade commenced by sharing her expectations for the night,

In her own words it will be “a night full of fun, art, music and she hopes people will contribute financially to the vision of the foundation.


2.The vision  for hipsters of nature is that every Ghanaian takes up the responsibility for a clean environment and make Ghana a healthier place to live.

Interacting with other guests, the highlights for the night was a performance from wanluv the kuborlor, I  am sincerely not a fun but I heard he walks with no underpants and that got me curious about what he has up his sleeves for the night. lol

Speaking to the Founder of hipsters of nature, she reiterated the importance of environmental preservation.

I had some few questions for her…. Like I always do 🙂


What motivated you to start hipsters of nature?

My experience with the Environmental Protection Agency  stirred my interest and most of my colleagues thought that we could do something about Environmental degradation. This meant we had to start something order to fight against some of the bad attitudes that are destroying our environment.

What is your vision for this NGO?

Currently, our focus is on the fight against plastics. For instance in Rwanda, there is a total ban against plastics and if a country can implement this she believes that Ghana can do same.

Are you facing any challenges?

As a group we need more sponsorship and support from corporate organizations and the Ghanaian populace.

Currently we have support from Trashy Bags, Alliance Francaise, PWC and many others but more can be done.


Any future plans and strategies you would like to share?

We don’t want to tell people what to do and what not to do but we want to employ the use of creative ways to raise awareness against this fight, such as musicals , plays, art and concerts so watch out people!

Let us all come together as citizens of the earth to preserve Mother natures’ beauty.

Remember Asaase mu y3 DU. 🙂


People of Africa!

I guess, the grass is not greener at the other fence

With recent happenings and news coming from South Africa,

We have recognized the power of social media and simple

profile pictures on whatsapp.

Here are  few pictures that we can use on our devices against

this unwanted development.





Picture 1





My Mother’s Love- Happy Birthday Ama

A PERFECT DAY! Poem inspired by Love and Appreciation.

A perfect day is today.
A day a woman loved,
A day a baby cried,
A day she saw the Sun!

Please may I? 
Indulge, Inspire and Impact
Maybe I may
Annoy, Deploy a lot of Joy 

I love, I love, She loved 
but with Strength from above
My her, My she, My all
Ama, Smile that melts the moon

May this Day, That I may
Love and Cherish 
Blessed and Loved By Mamamay
Happy Birthday, Its a Perfect Day.

To Ama Gyankomaah- The Girl that gave me birth 
I love you Mum!

AFTER THE DEGREE, WHAT NEXT? (1) – Best entrepreneurs in ghana 2012

I believe… Entrepreneurship is now and the future.


As we get ready to join the job market in about 3 weeks, what are your plans after school?

Grabbing a job with a multinational company with the opportunity to travel all around the world with a fat salary?

Or starting your own venture after 16 weeks of lectures in entrepreneurship development

If you belong to the former group, here is the list of the best entrepreneurs in Ghana to motivate you irrespective of your programme of study

  • Dr. Joseph Siaw Agyepong .CEO, ZoomLion Ghana Ltd – Overall Best Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Mr Ramcharnd Udharam Mohinani ,Chairman ,Mohinani Group of Companies, Lifetime Entrepreneur Achievement Award ,
  • Sir. Sam Jonah, Executive Chairman, Jonah Capital Ghana and South Africa, Best Ghanaian International Entrepreneur Award.
  • Mr. Bhagwan Khubchandani, Chairman .Melcom Group of Companies, Special Entrepreneur Achievement Award.
  • Dr.Theresa Oppong-Beeko, CEO, Manet Group of Companies, Best Woman Entrepreneur Award
  • Dr. Kwaku Frimpong, CEO…

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