Only A Human lie admits Love is Unconditional

Every day, I hear a lot of things which I disagree but let it slide,

Surprisingly at places where I seem to agree with most things.

Some are myths, religious statements, quotes and normally pep talks with friends.


One in particular I will love to write about is “Love is Unconditional”.

According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs love is important and boy do I agree!

Love is Life and Life is Love..haha .. here goes another quote! But seriously everyone needs love and everything needs love. Even bad addictions need love to survive in your system.



But my issue is about “Love being Unconditional”. Love is so conditional. Why do I say that? If love is an action word then I believe it must be dependent on choice and feelings to be expressed. Lets pay attention to the decision making process of human, First of all there is reasoning and rationing then choice and action. If reasoning comes before choice then what affects reasoning will certainly affect the choice.


For instance you cannot choose to love when what you love will lead to death and destruction. For it is written for the wages of sin is death and the gift of God is eternal life.

With this said I choose to love God due to the condition that I have eternal Life! That is exactly what I mean, hence to choose to love someone or the opposite sex, There are certain conditions those people should satisfy for the trans action of love to occur.


Love is reciprocal and not only one way… Hence I say unto you, Being selfish is GOOD and beneficial to God’s plan for you. For it is written Love your neighbor as “YOURSELF”, Therefore weigh the options if the conditions of service are not good for you then I suggest an immediate change for the better and trust me you will be happier and stronger to share your world with others.


Stay Blessed



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