What is GDP, Middle Income State when Lights are Off, there is Fuel Shortage and Increased Cost of Living.

PRIOR to my paper in Development Issues In Ghana, I wish to submit my State of The Economy by a Concerned African.

I wanted to take time off to discuss the prevalent issues affecting our nation currently and some few recommendations on how I believe as a nation we can escape this certainty of continuous hopelessness and poverty.


First of all I will like to establish the fact that, I have no inheritance sitting down waiting for me nor do I have a rich Bill Gates Uncle so I fall within the majority of youth in this country or better yet this continent whose life value is dependent on the usefulness of opportunities that come their way.

The Leaders of this continent have done the future a great harm with their continuous and unsatisfying desires for personal aggrandizement. This nation is highly vulnerable during international relations and negotiations to the extent that what we deserve due to our advantageous position of controlling about 40 percent of the World’s resources we sell it cheaply and get the crumbs of the global table as grants and donations only for us to come begging in the near future.

Costs of living is sky rocketing and human resource are dying(The late Komla Dumor,Alhaji Aliu Mahama, John Evans Atta Mills and so on)  and I ask myself if we are going through difficulties now, What is the long term plan to get us out of this mess in the future? And unsurprisingly no leader has given any tangible answer; they are busy entertaining us by sponsoring the Black Stars and selling off our Oil deposits.


The best of Komla Dumor was not seen on the African continent but somewhere in London even though the program was titled Focus on Africa. Then I say this African was living in Africa for most part of his life but did not have a global impact until he settled in London. Check the math. Same individual equals low productivity on the Continent. Same individual in London equals Global Impact. What is it about Africa? What is it about its leaders and greed? What is it about African men, pot bellies and unnecessary government allowance?


I am not rich now but what I know is that I have a plan and that brings me hope of wealth, productivity and self-esteem but unfortunately for Africa we are poor now but  we do not have a plan of financial and mental liberation  just wasting time on Politics, Comical news reading(Peace FM) and Low productivity (Government agencies).


We need the guts to say things as they are else we are doomed for eternal poverty, civil wars, HIV/AIDS, malaria and all things unwanted.

Until the New African rises and stands for what they deserve! Peace, Wealth and Happiness.


  1. Let us fire non-performing leaders
  2. Develop global partnerships with better negotiators leading the Continent
  3. Do not drill or mine if the output goes out of the Continent
  4. Work hard and pray harder
  5. Educate your Children about Nelson Mandela, Kwame Nkrumah, John D. Rockefeller, Komla Dumor, Kofi Amoabeng and Cornelius “Commodore” Vanderbilt.
  6. Switch off the television and facebook and Face Your Books!

Enough Said.


Photo Credit: Deposit Photos


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