Hipsters of Nature- Asaase mu y3 du

First of all Asaase mu y3 du is an Adinkra symbol meaning let us treasure Mother Nature.

Asaase mu y3 du

On the 9th May 2015, when the world was preparing to celebrate Mothers and Women in general.

I found myself at Smoothys bar with a bunch of nature enthusiast.

What better way to celebrate Mother’s day than to spend  time with hipsters of nature raising awareness for preservation of mother nature.

First of all, it was a nice experience meeting Freddy from Milton Keynes  which according to him is the next London of UK, booming with so many opportunities.

We shared some few tips about living a healthy and sustainable life for the future.

Now back to hipsters of nature, from what I have gathered, They are an Awareness group advocating for the preservation of nature involving plastic recycling campaigns, beach clean up exercises and many others.

The emcee for the night and my very own friend Jessica Meade commenced by sharing her expectations for the night,

In her own words it will be “a night full of fun, art, music and she hopes people will contribute financially to the vision of the foundation.


2.The vision  for hipsters of nature is that every Ghanaian takes up the responsibility for a clean environment and make Ghana a healthier place to live.

Interacting with other guests, the highlights for the night was a performance from wanluv the kuborlor, I  am sincerely not a fun but I heard he walks with no underpants and that got me curious about what he has up his sleeves for the night. lol

Speaking to the Founder of hipsters of nature, she reiterated the importance of environmental preservation.

I had some few questions for her…. Like I always do 🙂


What motivated you to start hipsters of nature?

My experience with the Environmental Protection Agency  stirred my interest and most of my colleagues thought that we could do something about Environmental degradation. This meant we had to start something order to fight against some of the bad attitudes that are destroying our environment.

What is your vision for this NGO?

Currently, our focus is on the fight against plastics. For instance in Rwanda, there is a total ban against plastics and if a country can implement this she believes that Ghana can do same.

Are you facing any challenges?

As a group we need more sponsorship and support from corporate organizations and the Ghanaian populace.

Currently we have support from Trashy Bags, Alliance Francaise, PWC and many others but more can be done.


Any future plans and strategies you would like to share?

We don’t want to tell people what to do and what not to do but we want to employ the use of creative ways to raise awareness against this fight, such as musicals , plays, art and concerts so watch out people!

Let us all come together as citizens of the earth to preserve Mother natures’ beauty.

Remember Asaase mu y3 DU. 🙂