“Life is not race but you better stay on track”
Kwabena Boafo.

Myself in Poetry!
Boafo, Boafo, Boafo!
Who are you?
What are you?
Where are You?
Sounds like dew, My traits are more than a few.

Writer, Artist or Singer?
None you’ve mastered but all you pamper.

Speaker, Helper or Joker?

All you are but for the few who wonder
Finance for the life you seek.
Your God to remain meek.

Will You be You?
When the time calls for all to read you.
Away I will be one day.
Then I will not be able to be me.
For all who knew me will claim to be,
All that I am and prove in words
It is truly Me!

Stay True and Create your life.

Days after 25!



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