TBC Youth Dinner, Kwabena Boafo and Mrs Pearl Yeboah

Dear Reader,


2014 is my year of new beginnings and promises. One of the promises is to keep blogging about the various presentations I do in class(Bsc Accounting) GIMPA and the programs I get invited to master.


On the 4th of January 2014, based on a recommendation from a friend I was made emcee of the Tesano Baptist Youth Dinner at Crystal Palm. Someone will say, why blog about this… After persons like Reverend Albert Ocran and Kafui Dey gave me a thumbs up after emceeing at a  friends book launch. Jeremiah Buabeng, motivational speaker(Take Off)…. I started taking this thing a bit seriously.



After my humanities lecturer recommended my group for a school colloquim after my presentation of our group mid semester exam I started taking this thing a bit serious.

After friends and loved ones started recommending me for hosting wedding receptions and radio shows I started taking this a bit serious.

After Accra Polytechnic elected me to represent them at the national level for the Ghana National Union of Polytechnic Students I started taking this thing a bit seriously.

My next blog due in the next seven days will

Keep readingbe my various observations of the event and a

n advice on how to curb these arising event problems


Avoir del’espoir



Photography by Nana Twum of Icapture Photography.


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